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In Swedish, Lev Väl means “live well.”
Feel well. Live well.
Living well means taking care of yourself every day.
Lev Väl at Home
Lev Väl offers private massage therapy sessions in New York City and the Hamptons
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Wellness in the Workplace
Lev Väl’s stress reduction techniques work wonders on your staff.
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The Heart of Lev Väl
Lev Väl West Village offers a sanctuary for massage therapy clients and Higher Brain Living participants.
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Massage therapy for living well

Success starts with taking care of your mind and body. Accomplished people don’t start living well after they achieve success. They accomplish great things because they take care of themselves, every step of the way. Your success begins with a commitment to yourself.

Massage therapy, refined..
Lev Väl’s one-of-a-kind technique is a fine marriage of relaxation and corrective massage.
Comprehensive Massage Therapy
Our massages include deep tissue work, trigger point therapy, myofacial release, sports stretching, and knee walking.
Relax and Let Go
From private sessions in client’s homes to the Higher Brain Living community at our beautiful location in Chelsea, we offer a suite of luxury experiences.
Massage Therapy for Living Well
We value empathy, care, and connection in our work with clients.
Massage for Holistic Health
Regular care from Lev Väl ensures that you’ll continue living well.
Relief for mind and body

Stress originates in the fears and anxieties of the mind, but it lives in the body. When you remove the tension of stress from your body, you clear your mind so that you can move forward with more focus, more clarity, and more energy.

At  Lev Väl, we use session therapy to help you remove the stress from your life, so you can accomplish more.
Start living well. Book your appointment today.
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